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Accession Identifiers

CN numbers

The CN (Canadian National) number is a serial number assigned to an accession. It is the main identifier of the Canadian National Plant Germplasm System.

CN 1 was assigned to an accession obtained in 1972.

Non-CN numbers

Other accession identifiers have been used over the years and are maintained as a secondary reference. These include, PGR, CAV and CHC.

Other Identifiers

These identifiers distinguish accessions by something other than the accession identifier.

Searches in this area are punctuation and case insensitive. Whenever you are unsure of spelling, use the wildcard (*) as shown below. Some examples of these other identifiers are:

  • Cultivar name (e.g., Red Jewel or Red J*)
  • Breeder identifier (e.g., RW 1234)
  • Collector identifier (e.g., DW 1234)
  • Plant Variety Protected material (e.g., PVP 100050)
  • Other identifier (e.g., Q 1234)
  • Institute identifier (e.g., VIR 543555)
  • IPK (Gatersleben) -
  • USDA - PI, CIav, CIho
  • N.I. Vavilov (VIR) - WIR, VIR


In a large crop, this search takes time.

It is generally best to specify the scientific name (taxon) to speed up your search.



  • Scientific names are not case sensitive.
  • Synonyms are not accepted here; only in the taxonomy tables. You will be told to try again with a different name or spelling.
  • A wild card (*) is automatically placed at the end of whatever you type into the Taxon field, so that a search for Zea mays will include Zea mays ssp. mays

If you are having difficulty, try finding the name first in the Taxonomy Query form.

Common names

Common names are case sensitive. If you have trouble finding your results, go to the Taxonomy Query form.


This query searches for the country of origin.

Additional Criteria

  • If you want to specify a year, enter a 4-digit year.
  • Specifying the current year, previous year or specific year will be slow if you don't restrict the search by taxonomy or country.

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