Plant Gene Resources of Canada(PGRC) 

Plant Gene Resources of Canada consists of four nodes which specialize in different aspects of germplasm management.

PGRC Saskatoon is responsible for regenerating and characterizing oat, wheat, lentil, barley, flax, tomato, sunflower and miscellaneous other crops. It also helps co-ordinate the nation wide plant germplasm program.

Plant Gene Resources honeycomb sunflower     Contact: Dr. Axel Diederichsen
    Mailing Address
    Plant Gene Resources of Canada
    Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
    Saskatoon Research Centre
    107 Science Place
    Saskatoon SK  S7N 0X2
    Tel: (306) 385-9463
    Fax: (306) 385-9465

The Crucifer Node in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is responsible for regenerating and characterizing all crucifer species, for example canola, mustard, and camelina.

Variety in Crucifer Plots    Contact: Dr. Axel Diederichsen

The Potato Node in Fredericton, New Brunswick is responsible for potatoes. They are currently virus indexing heritage potatoes.

Variety of Potatoes    strong>Contact: Dr. Benoit Bizimungu
    Mailing Address
    850 Lincoln Road
    P.O. Box 20280
    New Brunswick  E3B 4Z7
    Tel: (506) 452-4880
    Fax: (506) 452-3316
    Research Assistant: Sylvia Soucy

The Canadian Clonal Genebank located in Harrow, Ontario is responsible for conserving, characterizing, virus indexing and distributing tree and small fruit, for example apple and strawberry

Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre     Contact: Dr Anissa M Lybaert – Associate Director
    Mailing Address
    K.W. Neatby Building
    Floor 2, Room 2089
    Ottawa ON K1A 0C5
    Tel: (613) 759-1253
    Fax: (613) 759-1970
    Research Assistant:Kathy Vollans
    Research Assistant:Martin Gadsby
    Research Assistant:Patrick Dawson