Plant Gene Resources of Canada: Major Holdings

PGRC has an international mandate to manage world-base collections of barleys and oats, and duplicate (back-up) world-base collections of pearl millet and oilseed/green manure crucifers.

PGRC's seed collection consists of about 110,000 accessions (samples) of seeds.

Seed Distribution

Seed Distribution

Sample Distribution

Barley 42,000
Oat 28,000
Other 13,500
Wheat 11,000
Forage 1,600
Crucifer 2,500
Pearl Millet 3,500
Vegetable 2,300
Native Canadian 3,500
Flax 3,500
Clonal/Vegtable 2,300

PGRC is part of a worldwide network of centres established in collaboration with the Biodiversity International. New samples are acquired from this network of gene banks, from plant breeders, or are collected from the plant's natural habitat.

PGRC coordinates Canada's multi-nodal system. The Nodes are responsible for rejuvenation and evaluation of specific crops while PGRC is the main seed repository.