Nodes and Canadian Clonal Genebank

Variety in Crucifer Plots The Crucifer Node in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is responsible for regenerating and characterizing all crucifer species, for example canola, mustard, and camelina.

Contact: Mr. Richard Gugel
The Potato Node in Fredericton, New Brunswick is responsible for potatoes. They are currently virus indexing heritage potatoes.

Contact: Dr. Benoit Bizimungu
Teresa Molen
Variety of Potatoes
The Canadian Clonal Genebank located in Harrow, Ontario is responsible for conserving, characterizing, virus indexing and distributing tree and small fruit, for example apple and strawberry

Dr Anissa M Lybaert - Associate Director

Kathy Vollans
Martin Gadsby
Patrick Dawson
Greenhouse and Processing Crops Research Centre