Plant Gene Resources of Canada

Germplasm Request

Please refer to the Disclaimer, Privacy Statement, before entering any personal information.

Germplasm is available in small quantities to all bona fide users for crop variety development and plant science studies.

Canada signed and ratified the FAO International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. PGRC, the Clonal Gene Bank and the Potato Repository use the Standard Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) of the Treaty for all germplasm transactions and expect requestors to abide by its legally binding terms and conditions. SMTAs must be signed and returned before germplasm will be distributed.

For those requesting winter dormant bud wood from the Clonal Gene Bank we request orders be placed prior to January 31 each year and for summer bud wood, prior to June 15 of each year. This will facilitate collecting and shipping bud wood in a timely manner and increase the chance of delivery.

Requests from non-Canadian origins, refer to this information first.

To order:

  • Complete Request Form OR
  • Send e-mail to one of the following sources:
    •  the maintenance site of the accession (found with accession query in GRIN-CA) or
    •  to the Plant Gene Resources of Canada, distribution technician, D. Kessler
    • the Clonal Gene Bank - for bud wood and greenhouse held collections
      M. Gadsby
    • to the Potato Repository, technician, Sylvia Soucy

Please provide the following information:

        Your full name and title,
        Mailing address,
        Phone number,
        Fax number,
        Email address,
        Special handling instructions,
        Intended use, and
        Accession identifiers desired (use a separate line for each identifier)

Please note that missing or incomplete information could result in the delay of sending and receiving material and Plant Gene Resources of Canada reserves the right not to distribute based on availability.