Plant Gene Resources of Canada:
Professional Staff

Axel Diederichsen image Axel Diederichsen, Ph.D.

Curator, Research Scientist
Plant Gene Resources of Canada
Saskatoon Research and Development Centre
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
107 Science Place
Saskatoon SK Canada  S7N 0X2

Tel.: (306) 385-9465
Fax: (306) 385-9489

Research and Curatorial Activities

  • assess the diversity in crop gene pools based on morphological, agronomical and quality characters with emphasis on information useful for crop improvement
  • develop and apply crop descriptor lists in co-operation with Canadian and foreign plant breeders and genebank curators
  • acquire germplasm of relevance for Canada by exchange with other institutions and by participation in collecting missions, nationally and internationally
  • characterize and evaluate using morphological, agrobotanical and agronomical characters the plant genetic resources collection of PGRC; provide information to the database management system (GRIN-CA) for public access via the Internet
  • monitor and rejuvenate accessions in the collection, ensuring genetic integrity of the accessions
  • ensure proper storage of the seeds in the working collection and in the long-term storage facilities
  • assist breeders and researchers in accessing germplasm for their projects
  • participate in national and international efforts to preserve plant genetic resources for food and agriculture and complement in situ and on-farm activities with the ex situ activities of PGRC
  • develop strategies for conserving the germplasm of minor crops (eg.: tomato, rye, coriander, pulse crops, native Canadian species) and identify needs for the acquisition of such germplasm

Presently, PGRC places special emphasis on the oat, barley and wheat collections.

flax height extremes
Shortest and tallest flax accession in the PGRC collection.

flax field plot
Regeneration of flax germplasm by PGRC.

Research Staff

  • Lorie Jones-Flory, Viability Analysis
  • Dallas Kessler, Acquisition and Distribution
  • Donna Chen, Germplasm Evaluation and Processing
  • Mark Schierling, Germplasm Evaluation and Processing


  • World genebanks (VIR, St. Petersburg; IPK, Gatersleben; JKI, Quedlinburg; USDA; VNIIL, Torzhok; Istituto del Germoplasma, Bari; Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine, Kharkiv; Nordic Genetic Resource Center, Alnarp)
  • Plant breeders at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Scientists within Canada and abroad

Selected Publications


  • Uysal H. ,Fu Y.-B., Kurt O, Peterson G.W. Diederichsen A. and Kusters P. 2010. Genetic diversity of cultivated flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) and its wild progenitor pale flax (Linum bienne L.) as revealed by ISSR markers. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 57, 1109-1119.
  • Tullu A., Diederichsen A., Suvorova G. and Vandenberg A. (2010). Genetic and genomic resources of lentil: status, use and prospects. Plant Genetic Resources: Characterization and Utilization, 2010, 1-11.
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Other selected scientific publications

  • Diederichsen A. 2011. Hausgärten als für Kulturpflanzenevolution - eine Fallstudie mit Gartenbohnen. Samensurium 17, 64-68.
  • Diederichsen A. and McVetty P. 2011. Chapter 2 Botany and Plant Breeding. In: Daun J.K., Eskin N.A.M. and Hickling D. (eds.) Canola chemistry, production, processing and utilization, pp. 29-56. AOCS Press, Urbana, USA.
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Research Financial Support

  • Agricultural Development Fund - Saskatchewan
  • Can-Oats Milling Products Inc.
  • Quaker Oat Company of Canada Ltd.
  • Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission
  • Saskatchewan Pulse Crop Development Board

Recent Achievements and Awards and Memberships

  • Award - "Rudolf-Mansfeld-Preis", 1994, awarded by Verein für Förderung der Kulturpflanzenforschung Gatersleben e.V., Germany
  • Member - International Seed Testing Association, Nomenclature Committee
  • Member - Seed Savers Exchange, USA